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A botanical food supplement 
for winter with coltsfoot, echinacea and rosehip tinctures
WinterHerb with honey and lemon
Soil Association Certified Organic Tincture Mix - Perfect with Honey and Lemon Tea

Herbs as used by herbalists combining
modern science & ancient knowledge

Organic Herbal Remedies 
Fresh Coltsfoot Tincture
Fresh Echinacea purpurea Tincture
Fresh Rosehip Tincture
Fresh Elderflower Tincture
Elecampane root Tincture
Raspberry leaf Tincture
Fresh Sage tincture
Fresh Peppermint tincture

Made with organically produced herbs and organically produced  alcohol

WinterHerb from Organic Herbal Remedies tincture blend range also includes: WomanHerb